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If I am not a member of the church, can I attend the events and group gatherings?

Yes!  We love to host guests at our events and group gatherings.  We welcome everyone from the community as well as other churches. 

Why are there church services on Sunday and Wednesday?

There are church services on Sunday and Wednesday because these two days of the week have been the most commonly or traditionally accepted days for church.  A lot of schools will not schedule sports events on Wednesday night because it is a traditional church night.  People come to church both days to develop their relationship with Jesus. Wednesdays are typically reserved for study of the concepts, principals, and words in the Bible, God’s word.  Participants will learn things like this on Sunday, but may experience the Pastor preaching more than simply teaching like on Wednesdays.

I've never been to a church before. Where can I go to understand more about how the church functions, and about where I fit in?

Everyone belongs in the church!  The church is not a building or denomination.  It is a group of people who have faith in Jesus, the one who saves us and forgives our sins.  Church services are meeting times for people who want to know more about Jesus.  Services are led by a leader, or Pastor, who has much knowledge about God’s written word, the Bible.  If you want to know more about Jesus and where you fit in, show up to a service!  We have leaders and teachers who will help teach and guide you.  

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